Welcome to fathers.co.za. We believe that fatherlessness is one of the most significant family/social problems facing South Africa. Research supports the facts that children from fatherless homes are more likely to be poor, become involved in drug and alcohol abuse, drop out of school, and suffer from health and emotional problems. Boys are more likely to be involved in crime, and girls are more likely to become pregnant as teens. The cost of fatherlessness is high. Unfortunately even when a father is physically present in a home, he may be emotionally absent.

The answer to this great problem is effective fathering.

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Fathers.co.za is a non-profit research and education organization whose mission is to champion the role of responsible fatherhood by inspiring and equipping men to be more engaged in the lives of children.

The research information contained here is provided as an extension of our mission. We believe that beyond one’s personal experience, these research findings will provide convincing evidence that restoring responsible fatherhood is a critical priority for our children, families, communities and nation.

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We believe that when dads communicate and relate their personal tips, tricks and traps that all fathers can benefit and possibly avoid some of the pitfalls associated with their fathering journey. Please share your thoughts with us.

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